Notice Board - Table - Publishing Treaties, Invoices and Orders.

Product description

Municipalities and cities and contributory organizations also have the obligation to publish contracts concluded after this date relating to the handling of public funds. For this purpose, the component is determined Official Table,Which records and publishes contracts, invoices and orders on a web site. The component is designed for web pages running on the CMS Joomla. Component control is simple and intuitive. The component has a customer and vendor database (after filling) and invoices, orders and contracts. The component also displays documents that can be downloaded from the site (if associated with the document). For example, if the person responsible attaches, for example, information on the relevant invoice and a scanned invoice in PDF format, a site user is allowed to download and view the file. The number of downloads of published file systems leads to statistics. In addition to PDF formats, almost all the most commonly used file formats (such as images, text documents, excel spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) are supported. The official table is for municipalities and contributory organizations. In addition to the disclosure of contracts, the component has a record of notices, decrees, and the public procurement. The component allows administration from both the administration and the front end. This is a solution that can be of particular interest to administrators because they do not have to let the person responsible for publishing contracts, invoices, and orders to administer, but such a person serves this component (from a frontend) without having to have an account in the administration of the website. It is necessary to forbid such a person to grant access rights in the administration.

Whose web application has:
  1. Record of years (it is possible to filter the record by individual years)
  2. Records of suppliers
  3. Records of customers
  4. Records of responsible persons (in the approval process at the customer)
  5. Records of invoices
  6. Record of orders
  7. Records of contracts
  8. Record of orders (public procurement)
  9. System for publishing notices (Notices, Decrees)

Detail:Notice Board

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