A system for measuring the traffic of your website.
A system for measuring the traffic of your website.

A system for measuring the traffic of your website (if your website is built on the CMS Joomla technology) directly in the CMS Joomla environment. If you find the use of third-party applications (such as Google Analytics) too complicated to measure the traffic of your website you need to know (and if you expressly do not need extensive analysis, conversion services for the purpose of Internet advertising - and your website is not specifically focused on a commercial level - for example, E-SHOP), or you do not want a third party to "explicitly monitor and analyze your traffic" this is a way to quickly, easily and sufficiently dispose of information about the traffic of your own website.

System (installationTraffic visitor) consists of three parts:

  1. Admin Module - displays in the administration CMS Joomla traffic statistics.
  2. Site Module - displays on the website for its visitors CMS Joomla traffic statistics (if you want to use it).
  3. Plugin - the heart of the system, monitors and stores traffic information for individual days of the year in the database.

Functionality of (daily) traffic statistics (Traffic visitor):

  • Geolocation - shows country traffic.
  • ONLINE - the current number of website visitors (including internet robots).
  • Daily statistics - current (unique) number of visitors.
  • Daily statistics - the current number of visited pages.
  • Daily statistics - operating system.
  • Daily statistics - browser.
  • Daily statistics -device (mobile phone or PC) of visitors.
  • Weekly statistics traffic (graph).
  • Traffic statisticsin the current year - after months (graph).
  • Daily statistics -shows traffic by region.
  • Daily statistics -shows traffic by city.
  • Daily statistics - traffic of website subpages (displays visited URLs with a counter).

Traffic statistics - Jooma module and plugin. Price: 72 € (support and availability of updates for 12 months). Buy Now.

Language versions: SK, GB, CZ.

How to install (and use):

You will use the Joomla CMS installer. The installation package will install your website, plugin and module into the system. The plugin is automatically activated after installation and processes statistics (internet robot - the system ignores and does not include them in the statistics). The module is intended for administration, in the administration (in the visual part of the administration modules) click on"Add module to the dashboard", choose a module from the menu "Traffic visitor - statistics", write your own name of the module, choose the location on "cpanel" set "stus on "published" and save. If after installation Traffic visitor visitors are now present, statistics for the day will be displayed.

With this extension for CMS Joomla, you will basically get information about the current traffic immediately (first hand) after entering the administration of your website. And how was yesterday? The day before yesterday? And which sub-pages had the highest traffic today? And from which city are the most visitors? Traffic visitor - measures the "most essential" things that the website owner (probably) needs. Quick information on your own website in one place. This interface is intended for those users who are no longer satisfied with the simple numerical measurement of traffic after days or weeks and "nothing more", but do not "need" extensive analyses, conversions and robust amounts of information on the behavior of visitors on your website for advertising campaigns.

Traffic visitor includes an interface for automatic updates from the Joomla system administration. In this way, we provide clients who have purchased the services of this product in the future automatically and free of charge to update to the latest versions. This extension is subject to a license GNU/GPL.

Current version Traffic visitor v.1.0.1
CMS Joomla 3,4,5

Dashboard module Traffic statistics for CMS Joomla (Admin interface):

Dashboard module Traffic statistics for CMS Joomla

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